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To find a suitable kiosk for your requirements, please select from the categories listed below to display the relevant kiosks, prices and details. Please note that some kiosks may appear in more than one category. e.g A metal desktop kiosk would appear in both the Desktop and Metal categories.

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 Category Description
All Kiosk Models   All Kiosk Models   .Display all of our Kiosk Models on one page.
Metal Kiosks   Metal Kiosks   .A range of kiosks constructed in powered coated steel
Glass Kiosks   Glass Kiosks   .Steel framed units with plexiglas or polocarbonate
Desk Kiosks   Desk Kiosks   .Kiosk Desk Units and portable desktop kiosks
Floor Standing Kiosks   Floor Standing Kiosks   .Free standing kiosk units
Accessibilty Kiosks   Accessibilty Kiosks   .Kiosks specially designed to accommodate wheelchair users
Point of Sale Kiosks   Point of Sale Kiosks   .Kiosks with available options for point-of-sale use
Wall Mounted Kiosks   Wall Mounted Kiosks   .Space saving wall mounted designs
Wooden Kiosks   Wooden Kiosks   .Wooden enclosures available in a range of wood stain finishes
Lectern Kiosks   Lectern Kiosks   .Presentation lectern units with a range of connectivity options
Kiosk Software   Kiosk Software   .User Interface programs and content
Monitors   Monitors   .A range of standard and touch sensitive Open Frame Chassis Mount screens
Kiosk PCs   Kiosk PCs   .Non-proprietary PC systems
Kiosk Peripherals   Kiosk Peripherals   .A range of integrated peripheral options for the I-Touch kiosks
Custom Kiosks   Custom Kiosks   .Bespoke designs for special applications
Conceptional Kiosks   Conceptional Kiosks   .Conceptional kiosk models currently in consideration for development