Future Generation Kiosks
The robust technology that we encapsulate in our study enclosures makes our kiosks an excellent choice for any project If floor space, functional flexibility, or budget is a problem, you can't do better than our i-Touch range. It offers the widest scope of functionality in the tidiest package. In fact it is so well designed and easy to integrate, we even supply it in kit form. There is no catch, no secrets, and no proprietary technology.
Just simply the best.

Our range of Kiosks include:

Floor Standing
Wheelchair Access

We also provide a complete Kiosk browser and presentation software. I-Surf keeps the user away from the operating system, while giving access to the internet, intranet and email as specified in the self explanatory INI file.
Specifying cash or card payments for each section, limiting certain URL's or only allowing certain URL's.

To visit our Kiosk Services Website go to www.kiosk.bnol.co.uk or click the button below.