Interactive Kiosks and Disability Discrimination Act compliance
I-Touch V38 Kiosk Unit
Future Generation Services aim has always been to make its kiosks accessible to the majority of the general public. Our interactive kiosks are produced to be intuitive, user-friendly, durable, reliable and designed with access in mind.We have designed a range of kiosk models specifically to meet the requirements for accessibility, in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, described on the Disability Rights Commission website www.drc-gb.org/thelaw/thedda.asp and as recommended in BS 8300:2001.
Below, we have listed a number of our standard kiosk models that have either been designed specifically with accessibility in mind or ones that fall under the requirements (please see images of the kiosk units on our website at www.kiosk.bnol.co.uk/kiosk_products/kiosklist.asp ).
The diagram on the right shows how the height and reach were measured.
Kiosk Models Accessibility Use Approach Screen Height (x) Screen Reach (y)
I-Touch V15 Through window access; height may be adjusted Parallel Typically 1100mm (adjustable) 0
I-Touch V21 Available on its own to be positioned on a desk/table or with accessibility stand Forward or Parallel 950mm (on stand)110mm (without stand) 100mm
I-Touch V22 Can be positioned on a desk/table Forward or Parallel* 180mm 100mm
I Touch V23 Free standing unit designed with accessibility height and reach in mind. Parallel 1140mm 170mm
I-Touch V35 With the external option tower to allow use of a lower keyboard and/or printer options Forward or Parallel 1200 mm (850mm to keyboard) 200mm
I-Touch V36 With the screen placed at an angle and with low level access Forward or Parallel 920mm 120mm
I-Touch V38 Workstation ideal for wheelchair users, with added privacy Forward 1050mm 250mm
I-Touch V46 A wider and more stylish unit, still maintaining the low level access and privacy Forward or Parallel 900mm 120mm
*Approach depends on positioning of the kiosk unit As a kiosk design manufacturer we are also able to design and produce customised kiosk units to meet a specific accessibility requirement. If you have such enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.